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Tilt Switch

Tilt Switch

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AS OF 5/15/24 - NEW UNITS WILL BE SOLD ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. WE WILL ONLY BE CONSTRUCTING THESE DURING OUR OFF SEASON DECEMBER - FEBRUARY OF EACH YEAR.  ***   PLEASE CALL DIRECTLY TO ORDER.  Used to prevent restart of machine by users before a proper service can be completed on an engine after a Tip Over Event. Best practice is to remove glow plugs and empty all oil out of engine cylinders before engaging the starter on a machine. The starter will bend a rod if the machine has oil which is hydro locked in the engine. This product is used to prevent an unknowing user from causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Can be mounted on ANY machine




±45°trip points

Single/one axis measurement tilt switch

Unit must be ordered for intended install orientation (i.e flat mount or firewall mount)

Response time of ≤100 ms

Operation max Temp of -40 °C to 70 °C

Voltage supply range of 9.5 to 19VDC

Works with industry standard 12V DC vehicle batteries

Low current device drawing 3mA

Relay switch capacity: 10Amp at 250VAC/24VDC

Power off memory, Relay switch will revert to its last state before power disconnect.

Can be wired to kill machine /or kill starter (interrupt Neutral Safety switch) capability. Additional relay necessary for high amperage disconnect for machine kill.

Reset Switch can be remote mounted.

Single axis tilt switch incorporates an electrolytic tilt sensor and micro-controller technology. User must be conscious of install orientation when ordering.

This is a Semi custom item please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

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